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Welcome to Studio Makeover!

Ms. Charumathi G R(Charu), the founder of Studio Makeover - Banglaore, is a Professional Makeup and Makeover Artist with over 9 years of hands-on experience and a unique talent to enhance each face’s distinctive beauty through expertly executed makeup artistry techniques and a genuine desire to deliver outstanding results. Her select makeup work has been published online, in print, television and cinema. Her extensive career has led her to apply her "makeup magic" on tens of thousands of diverse faces.

Her Make up studio and Academy STUDIO MAKEOVER is conveniently located within 3Kms of the Central Business District of Bangalore, From where she offers a full menu of quality Makeup Artistry and Makeover Services, specializing in Bridal Makeup, Fashion Makeup Courses and Personal Grooming/ Consulting.

Charu strongly believes make up is an art that further transcends on to her canvas-the face. She interprets every face differently using state of the art tools and products to ultimately recreate a face to perfection. Her practical approach to beauty provides for women to replicate everyday. Rather than sticking to make-up models, she looks at each client’s face and personality and incorporate both into a new look.

Charu is sought after for her calm nature and signature perfectly blended makeup applications. It’s the gift of being able to see beauty in many places and the looks on her client’s faces at the end of a session that inspires her.